Sarawak-Inspired Cooking Class

by Award Winning Indah since 2019

Go from zero to hero in the kitchen Now Everyone can cook!

Welcome to Indah Cafe’s Cooking Class Studio

Fun + laughter in the kitchen every single day

Indah Cafe offers hands-on cooking and baking classes in a relaxed and fun environment. Get to know your ingredients, explore Sarawak gastronomy and leave with new skills and happy memories.


Put aside half a day for the following Indah experience - Served with cultural insights and good fun.

Shop Local

Visit a local market for fresh ingredients - Learn about Sarawak’s unique jungle produce, herbs and spices. Our market is vibrant, colourful & full of surprises.

Cook Local

Prepare a 5-course meal. Unique dishes with different flavour profiles.

Eat Local

Sit and enjoy your meal. Detailed recipes will be provided. Leave with a happy belly and memories built to last.


Regular Menu

Vegan Menu


If you want to reserve a session in our cooking class, contact us and we will attend you quickly, As soon as possible.

Cooking Class

RM198 / Session

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