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The Short

We are an award-winning restaurant sharing trade secrets via our Sarawak-inspired cooking class. We are story-tellers, sharing tales of Sarawak through ingredients and tried and tested recipes. We are Indah, a happy place where playing with food is an everyday sensory affair!

The Long

Indah was born in July 2014 in a little known lane within the Kuching Old Bazaar area. We started as an art gallery cafe serving wonderful homemade cakes and aromatic coffee. Food was our artform but our cafe was also a space for other artisans to promote their handmade arts and crafts It turns out though that, unlike us, not everyone can have 'just cakes' for breakfast/lunch. Our customers wanted 'real' food. This was the springboard for our play with food, and boy do we have fun with it. Our formula is simple. Take classic Sarawak (Malaysian) flavours, focus on quality ingredients, remove the additives and add in a touch of Indah innovation. We put our whole hearts and minds into our food. Food that not only looks stunning, smells heavenly and tastes amazing, but food that provides good fuel for the body. Food that epitomises our tagline, Healthy Tastes So Indah! Our menu has since grown manifold with a mix of Asian, Western and fusion fare - some feature regularly in our Cafe, others are included in our catering services. We also cater for specialty diets - gluten-free, keto and plant-based/vegan. We flourished simply by interlacing Sarawakian heritage with modern dietary preferences. We bloomed by listening to what our customers wanted. It followed that people then wanted to learn cooking the Indah way. And we thought, why not? Kuching is, after all, recognised by UNESCO as a creative city of Gastronomy. Our classes bring people on a gastronomic journey of Sarawakian culture through flavours and stories that ignite the senses. Our cooking classes are hands-on but always informal and fun. We keep the groups small and intimate. As we walk through the aisles of the farmers market, there are little gems to be found and plenty of food to snack on. As we cook, there are stories and culinary secrets to be shared, and again, plenty of food to eat. We've made so many friends through our cooking classes and we learn as much from them as they do from us. With so much good food to enjoy, what's there not to love? Let’s all start cooking the Indah Way :)

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